Personal Care Service

Provide a sense of well being


My background, I operated a home child care when my children were little. I enjoy taking care of other people. I have experience working at the nursing home for four years, and have been employed at Bright Star Care as Licensed Nurse Aid in Madison, Wisconsin for three years.  At home care service, I am providing services such as: bathing, dressing, grooming, medication reminders, companionship, food preparation, toileting, oral care and monitoring the health of customers.  Other skilled home care includes: blood sugar testing, exercise management, vital signs, urinary and colostomy catheter care.


Service Fee:  1Hour/ $40

Different Stages: 

1. Can walk around

Only Morning 1-hour (transfer, dressing, hygiene, breakfast, pill)

2. Can transfer between chair to toilet/ Using wheelchair

Morning 1 hour and Night 1 hour (transfer, hygiene, dressing, pills)

3. Cannot stand up/ Using wheelchair

Morning 1 hour, lunchtime 1 hour, Night 1 hour (transfer, hygiene, dressing, feeding, toileting, pills)

4. Bed-bound

Change position every 2 hours (feeding, hygiene, dressing, toileting, checks skin and care)