"I enjoyed.  It was relaxing.  Relieved shoulder tension." 

    - Mary A.,  Willowbrook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center



"Thank you. My skin looks youthful."

                  -Maria H., 79 years old, from Verona, Wisconsin.



"I like to receive facial again!"

                  -Leslie, 61 years old, from Madison, Wisconsin.


"It was very relaxing and enjoyable. All of it was good!"

                  - Diane F. Stoughton, Wisconsin.


"Taeko is a saint. She's such a benevolent person."

              - K, 101 years old,  from Madison, Wisconsin.


"She loves all your services. She drives up here from Illinois to see you."

                 - A. October 15, 2020


"I am grateful to have you in my life."

              - P. November 13, 2020


"I feel more calm and it seems to have also improved my blood pressure."

              - T. November 14. 2020


                     Health and Wellness Coaching

"Working with a health coach helped me see my experiences from an outside perspective.  This point of view helped me refresh my goals each week and see where I have been, where I want to go.  I also found that the accountability and advice that comes with health coaching is personalized, keeping the person you are in mind as you are your coach work to reach goals together."

          - Nicole, July 2020


" I became more aware of the benefits of coaching for myself and others. I will definitely recommend coaching services to my patients in my physician's medical practice. "

          - Christopher, August 2020